The Cloudbase Colombia Team

Swiss-quality products in vibrant Colombia - the perfect mix! European standard is rarely found in South America. Good quality at reasonable costs is possible in Colombia as the price level in Colombia is still well below that of Europe or the States.

The English speaking staff ensures a carefree stay in today's safe Colombia. 

Founder / Manageress

Claudia has been working with us since 2011. She keeps it all running and structured.


Gloria has been working with us since 2014. 


Maria Nidia works wiht us since 2011. She takes care of all the laundry for the hotel and for the guests.

Night watchman

Jose Evelio (Papito) works with us since 2011. He is our night watchman and technical support.

Jose Evelio has been here from the start and the conversion is to a great extent his work.


After several tours in South America Jonathan was caught by the perfect flying area of Roldanillo - his dream come true. Having experienced many flying areas in South America, he decided that Roldanillo is the best flying site for him in South America. 


A pilot since 2001, Jonathan grew up in Zurich, a city close to the Swiss Alps. For a few years he was flying almost daily. During his South American travels he got his inital experience in competition flying. In the season 2010/2011 he gained his first competition experience in the Swiss league. In Roldanillo he now can indulge in his passion for flatland flying. The mixture of mountain and lowland flights is perfect for Jonathan.

Cloudbase Colombia

Carrera 9 # 8 - 65

761550 Roldanillo

Valle del Cauca



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