Thermal course

Thermal and crosscountry training flight in tandem for paragliding beginner pilots

This course is aimed at pilots with low experience in flatland paragliding. It is addressed to pilots who want to improve their knowledge of thermals.Through the combined teaching of theoretical and practical knowledge, this course with Jonathan is very effective. The course will start early in the morning and ends after the flying with a debriefing.


Number of people                           1 Person
Minimum age 16+
Season   On demand
Weather conditions Good flight weather
Time 5 - 7 hours
Organization periode 1 -2 day
Restrictions <100kg
Price 90 €, 100 USD

Equipment participant

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Good clothes


8.00am Meeting in Cloudbase. Briefing and equipment distribution
9.00am Drive to the launch.
10.00am Weather briefing, Terrain briefing, Risk briefing
11.00am Tandem flight with Jonathan. During the flight Jonathan explains flight route selections as well as thermals. He describes the clouds and his decisions.
12.00am Landing and review of the flight. Depending on the airtime the time of landing can be 3 pm.
3.00pm Arrival in Cloudbase, debriefing

Cloudbase Colombia

Carrera 9 # 8 - 65

761550 Roldanillo

Valle del Cauca


+57 317 8612361