Flying area Roldanillo Valle del Cauca 

The Valle del Cauca expands form Roldanillo 70 km to the north and 170 km to the south. The width of the valley varies from 8 to 40 km. Mostly the area is flat and 90% is planted with sugarcane.

The tropically humid weather often guarantees smooth thermals in a large area. However, with long lasting dry periods, the flying conditions can become more demanding. To have fun flying in Roldanillo it is important to have some thermal experience. As the Pacific wind starts up in the afternoon nearly daily, starting is possible only up to midday. Even XC-pilots who have started early move to the east side in the afternoon to experience the complete XC-potential of the valley.

The tropical climate enables year-round flying. Winter season on the Northern hemisphere makes November to March the main season for foreign pilots.



In Roldanillo there are three launches, from where starting is possible daily. 

Landing fields

For your safety it is important to get information on landing fields in Roldanillo.


Information about transportation before and after flying.



In Valle del Cauca airspace is important, too!


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