Roldanillo is a paradise for pilots also because of the uncomplicated transportation. Both launch sites Pico and Aquapenala are easily reached by bus. The buses start from the terminal in Roldanillo, stop close to both launch sites and continue to La Tulia. To reache the launch site Los Tanques a private Jeep and driver have to be organised. They are available at the park or they can be booked.

Cloudbase Colombia doesn’t have its own transportation. Subsequently I introduce three private drivers and their service. They are independent and work for their own account. Payment is due directly to the driver on arrival at the destination.

Usually these drivers offer their service between 8 and 10 am and they start in front of Cloudbase Colombia or at the park.

Jeep Alvaro

Alvaro's Jeep offers runs to all three launch sites for 5 - 12 pilots. Alvaro's quiet and even driving style makes his rides very comfortable. As Alvaro is busy in the afternoon, his service is available ony until 1 pm.

Camioneta Cristian 

Cristian and his Camioneta start early and therefore are quick to reach the sites. He can make several runs, which serves pilots who want to start later in the morning. His car holds 5 - 10 pilots. 

Chiva Sipri

With this vehicle you experience 100 % Colombian life. With music, good ventilation and a horn the drive to the launch sites is speedy and fun.

Chiva holds 10 - 16 pilots. Groups can rent this vehicle for the whole day. The very experienced driver "Sipri" collects the pilots after landing and brings the group back to the hotel. 

Bus terminal

The bus terminal is by the park. A 5 minutes walk from Cloudbase Colombia.

Website and timetable of "De Occidente"

Transport La Tulia 

Every day and every 40 minutes small buses or jeeps start from the terminal in Roldanillo to La Tulia, stopping close to the launch sites Pico and Aquapanela. 

Departure times:

8:00, 8:40, 9:20, 10:00, 10:40, 11:20, 12:00

De Occidente  

The buses of "De Occidente" take you home after your flight.

As soon as you reach a main street you can wait for these buses. You don't have to wait at a bus stop. The buses pick you up anywhere along the road, just hold out your hand. Direkt buses do not stop. The next bus will take you. If you have to change buses, the driver will help you. Most buses have WLAN, so that you can already upload your flight or chat with your friends for free. 

Cloudbase Colombia

Carrera 9 # 8 - 65

761550 Roldanillo

Valle del Cauca


+57 317 8612361