Landing sites

There are unfortunately no official landing sites in the village of Roldanillo. There are two reasons for this situation:

- 90% of all pilots flying in Roldanillo come to fly XC and therefore do not land in Roldanillo.

- At around noon the Pacific wind starts up and comes in over the mountains, which makes landing in Roldanillo unsafe.

Landing is a complicated issue at the moment. For beginners, there is no landing area from the Pico or Aguapanela launch sites that can be reached by gliding. From Los Tanques it is easier, since there are several open areas that can be used. 


Since the sugarcane fields are harvested and burned every 13 months, they can be used for landing, but the canopy tends to get dirty and the lines often have to be cleaned afterwards from the leaves that are lying around. If the sugar cane is not too high, it is possible to land in the streets between the fields.


Please do not land in Roldanillo after midday.


La Pista

The location shown no longer exists


On the road between Roldanillo and Zarzal there is the take-off and landing strip "La Pista". This small airport is almost never used, and so it is perfectly suitable as a landing strip for paragliding and hanggliding-pilots. By bus it is a 10 minutes ride to the city center of Roldanillo.


Coordinates: 76.121083°W; 4.412383°N

Height above sea level: 3030ft



- Easy landing site: 

- Safe with Pacific - Wind

- Bus stops right at the exit

- Windsack available

El Estadio

At the moment landing is no longer allowed. 


Status January 2021 

You have to check on the spot if landing in the stadium is allowed or not, it keeps changing.  


In the middle of Roldanillo is the stadium. The stadium is not an easy place to land. The soccer field with bleachers is marked by 4 small corner flags, which faintly indicate the wind direction.


Cordinates: 76.149500°W; 4.412367°N

Height above sea level: 3080ft


Specials: :

-  Ambitious landing

- Wind variable

- Thermally very active

- Doors often closed, exit over the wall

- Important: After 2 pm no more landing at the stadium. Pacific wind is very gusty and turbulent.

- Windsock on the roof of the tribune and scraps of cloth on the flagpoles. 


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